“Second Star to the Right and Straight on til Morning”

On a weekend, late in November, Lincoln Lutheran got a visit from a famous Disney character and took an audience on an adventure to Neverland. Recently there was a play put on by nine high school girls. It was based off of the original Peter Pan book. Many people who attended said it was a wonderful production. Won Hyeok Choi, a senior, experienced the adventure at the last showing. He was “very impressed” especially since there were nine actors total. At times, it would have been easy to get confused which character was being presented in that scene because many of the actors had to play two different characters. But each actor did an excellent job of distinguishing which character they were presenting at which time. Won went because he had friends who were in the play. Senior Cassie Shambaugh-Miller, one of Won’s friends, was Tinkerbell in the production. Won himself did a few plays back when he was younger. He stopped because he “never really liked it.” He also said that he “just knew acting wasn’t [his] thing” opposed to the play members he went to watch.

Carol Nabity, another senior, was another one of Won’s friends in the play. She was a mermaid and a pirate on Captain Hook’s ship. Carol hasn’t been in a play before but she joined because it is a “great chance to get to know people.” She never had a concern that all the cast members were girls. Carol believes it “made it more unique.” By having an all girl cast, they were able to add their own little twist to the play. Her favorite part about participating in the play was the fact that she was able to get to know the girls to a greater degree while hanging out with them.

Abby Musick, a sophomore,  was the leading “lady” in the play. She was the daring Peter Pan. Abby has been in plays and musicals in the past years but this year was extra special because she was “looking forward to working with a new director.” This year play was set apart from others because Abby was always a supporting character before and the all girl cast. But Abby wasn’t nervous about having an all girl cast. She believes that their cast made the play better even. “There were a lot of scenes where we had to trust another person and having that bond [all of us being girls] helped us perform better.” Many would say that the best part of being in a play would be opening night but not Abby. “The best part of the play was the practices where we could laugh at our silly mistakes.”

Lincoln Lutheran not only puts on a high school production but also a middle school play. This will be sometime in the spring.