“Students May Change, But Final Rituals Remain”

Christmas is here, the time for – the advent of Jesus Christ, the celebration with family, shopping online on Flyp or Amazon, or just plain waiting for gifts from family, friends, or Santa. Instead of the excitement preparing for the upcoming holiday and two-week break, Lincoln Lutheran students get ready to face their final tests.

The last days are two days of test for students at the end of each semester. For some, it may also be a time to look back on what one has done or to look forward to the next semester (to the future). Since finals are coming up and the first half is tightly over, Lincoln Lutheran students are responding to the last day by cramming, worrying, and even complaining.

Junior Thuong Nguyen mentions, “Although, I had final exams in Vietnam before, I think there will be some differences so in general. It also is the first final test for me at Lincoln Lutheran. Thus, I think about it every day. Because of my first year, I didn’t have a chance to experience the final day. But, I’ve heard that the last two days will be test-day only, it will be the most stressful day ever.” She just feels worried about the final exams all the time. That uneasy feeling was not only for her but also felt by almost all students in Lincoln Lutheran.

At that moment in time, when students are struggling, parents are always a source of comfort for them. Mrs. Rickords, a staff member of Lincoln Lutheran and also a mother of two Lincoln Lutheran students, shares her thoughts, “I feel bad for students on final days because I have seen how stressed out they get. I think it is hard when a lot of projects and tests all come due at the same time. I am proud of how hard our students work, and that they want to do well on their assignment.” She inspires and supports her boys to work head in getting prepared and being confidence in their exams.

Standing from a senior’s point of view, that final will be their nearly last high school final. The students will soon leave high school and move on to college, a new environment to them. However, they also have more work than other grades because they don’t not only focus on studying for their test in school. Moreover, they have to prepare for the ACT/SAT tests and the college applications. Senior Thu Nguyen explained the amount of work as she has said, “I have an essay for English 4, a faith talk for Christians Ethics, a college test for Advanced Chemistry, and four others tests during two days. I can say that it is very stressful. But I do feel relieved because I’m halfway there.” She is anticipating for the last days. She is excited about being halfway finished with high school. 

To teachers, they may worry for the final day, but overall they felt more excited than anyone. Mrs. Stoll, a teacher at Lincoln Lutheran, expressed her feeling, “I am a little bit nervous that all of my students will get their projects finished in time, but I’m looking forward to some time off. Overall, I’m excited to wrap things up with each of my classes and see their finished projects. During the break, I will plan my lessons for the first month of courses. It will help me to have time to plan and buy supplies for each course. Also, it will give me more time to spend with my family. I always love spending time with them.” She had a fantastic time at her first semester being a part of Lincoln Lutheran. She is looking forward to having a break before the next semester begins.

In time, students will realize that times may change; they may leave for their four-year school, but something still stays in their memory: the final exams. The last days are not the end of anything. It is a relaxing time for both teachers and students to prepare for a new beginning.