Junior, Zach Claussen Struck with Bad Luck

Junior, Zach Claussen is struck with Bad Luck


By: Erin Williams


The Lincoln Lutheran football team has had a very successful season so far. To kick off the season junior, Zach Claussen was the Warriors starting quarterback. The warriors first game took place at Humboldt on August 25th. At this game, there was a collision between two warriors, Logan Kreizel and Zach Claussen. Shortly after the two teammates collided, Zach went to the emergency room. Zach ended up being okay, but was out for a week due to bruising in his neck. His next game back on the field was the first home game, against Lincoln Christian on September 8th.

On the last play of the game, Zach happened to break his foot. A couple days after the game he had surgery. Due to his injury, Zach cannot finish out his junior year football season out on the field. This all leads to a big change for the warriors lineup and makes an impact on Zach. He said  “It sucks a lot, especially when you can’t go out there and help the team win. Also this was my recruiting year and now that’s over for me, but I still have a lot of colleges looking at me, it just would have been nice to play!” It’s never easy to watch your team from the sidelines. At the end of the day, it’s always good to find the bright side of every situation, and that is what Zach is trying to do. He said “The bright side I guess would be knowing I’m not going to feel like crap that next Saturday but that’s about it.”  Zach is now on the road of recovery and will be back out on the field for his senior year.