Ashland Greenwood Tournament (Wahoo Game)

Reid Martin Journalism Mrs. Duitsman

Ashland-Greenwood Tournament/Wahoo game

The varsity volleyball team made their way down to Ashland-Greenwood High school to take on already beaten Plattsmouth and Ralston on their first day of the two day tournament. They started the tournament by sweeping Plattsmouth 25-18 and 25-17. The varsity volleyball team inched it out against Ralston with the scores being 25-14, 15-25, and 25-21. This provided our lady warriors with much confidence going into the second day and playing Auburn, Gross, and top 5 ranked Wahoo.

They conquered Auburn in just two sets with a nail biting first set with the score 30-28 swinging them into a destructive second set 25-14. The second game was a breeze as they destroyed Gross again in just two sets 25-12 and 25-22. Up to this point our varsity volleyball team emphasized their dominance, but there was an obstacle standing in there way to hold that tournament champion trophy. This obstacle was the undefeated Wahoo Warriors. Hayley Steinbauer said, “I felt like we were pretty calm and confident going into the first game.” Their calmed nerves weren’t enough as they were beat in two sets with the scores being 18-25 and 17-25. The final game of the Ashland-Greenwood Tournament didn’t go as planned, but they had a game just three days after in Wahoo.

Erin Williams the libero for our varsity team stated that,”They figured out how to get in our heads after the first game.” Their plan as captain Hope Leimbach the dominate setter stated was,”To feel more prepared when going into the game. We need to expect that a good team like wahoo will get their kills and blocks against us, but we also need to know that we will get those things as well. If we stay calm and composed and play like we know how to the next outcome will be in our favor.” This was the plan as captain, but personally Erin Williams wanted, “To give it my all because as a team we have nothing to lose and to come out with more fire and fix my simple mistakes.” During the one practice on Monday before their game in Wahoo on October 3, “We practiced blocking their tall middle in practice on monday and adjusted our defense,” says Hayley Steinbauer. Going into the game the feeling in the gym was anxious. The players on both teams were yearning for their time to show the other team who’s the more dominate program. In the first set our lady warriors fell, the score being 16-25. The captions truly came out in the second set encouraging those players who were flustered by, “Their energetic home crowd,” says Hayley Steinbauer. Hope Leimbach, a 5’5” setter was often seen blocking and shoving the ball down the throats of their players in the front all over 6’0”. Sadly, this just wasn’t enough, the Wahoo Warriors finished our lady warriors out in two more sets, both nail biting at 24-26 and 25-27